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Woezel en Pip op zoek naar de Sloddervos

2D digital, cut-out Feature Film (65 min.)


The first feature film of Woezel en Pip. The two well-known Dutch dogs experience an exciting adventure together with their friends, when they search for the Sloddervos…


Woezel and Pip were invented by Guusje Woesthoff-Nederhorst. 


In recent years, Woezel and Pip have been the best-known animation characters on Dutch television. The series are broadcast by KRO/NCRV.


Director: Patrick Raats

Scenario: Dinand Woesthoff, Michiel Snijders & Arnoud Rijken

Supervising storyboard: Paco Vink

Supervising animation: Anneke vd Graaf

Produced by Tom de Mol Producties & Dromenjager

Studio-producers: Chris Mouw & Thierry Paalman (il Luster Producties)

Distribution: Dutch Film Works


All images copyright by The Dreamchaser Company BV

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