"In The Teeth of Time", an Animated Short (in development).

Below some character designs I made for an animated Short called "In The Teeth of Time". Logline: During a stormy night, our known reality becomes entangled with another dimension. Two different timelines collide and create a fatal ending...
I came up with the idea and together with Michiel Snijders I wrote the scenario.

Cause this filmplan was rejected by the Dutch FilmFund (already in 2010), I decided to make it on my own. Well, not really alone, but with help of very talented colleagues, who believe in making great stuff...:) After the plan was rejected. I left it for a few years on the shelf, cause I felt so disappointed in the Dutch Filmfund who didn't had the believe that I could make this plan into a great film...

Great news in November 2020: The Dutch Filmfund finally decided to support the development after seeing the first results of what we are doing.
This will make the development going faster, and more important, I can pay the talented people who are working hard to get this film made... Let's Rock!!!

The film will be produced by il Luster Films.
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