Patrick Raats Director's Reel 2022

My name is Patrick Raats and I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

34 Years ago I started working as an animation professional, at the famous Toonder Studio's. Here I was one of the animators of 'Loeki de Leeuw': The most famous stop-motion character in Dutch film history. Since then stop-motion is like magic for me....

Over the years I directed commercials, short films, tv-series and 1 feature film. Also in other animation techniques. In 2021, I will start directing my second feature film 'Victor Vleermuis', produced by Storytellers Film & Tv and il Luster Productions, based on a scenario by Karen Holst van Pellekaan.
As a passion-project, I'm working on my own short stop-motion film 'In The Teeth of Time'.
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