Loeki 2021

Loeki is back!!! After 17 years, the most famous stop motion character of The Netherlands is back on television.

I started my animation career, animating this special character. In 2020 the "STER" decided that Loeki should come back on dutch television. The character had some very small adjustments, but is still a stop motion character. The clips are 4 seconds long and are broadcasted in the commercial breaks. All clips are shot against green key and the environment is created in CGI.

Client: STER
Production and ideas: Louise Geesink (Geesink Studio)
Studio, Puppet & Props: PEDRI Animation
Animation: Patrick Raats & Raymon Wittenberg
Postproduction: Gatze Zonneveld en Ralf Hekkenberg
Sound: Bob Kommer Studio's
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