My name is Patrick Raats, and I live in Amsterdam. I direct, storyboard and animate commercials, shorts, series and feature films, in all possible animation techniques. I also have a fully equiped stopmotion studio in Amsterdam.

I started my career, thirty years ago as a stopmotion animator and learned the tips and tricks at the famous Dutch "Toonder Studio's". In this studio I was responsible for animating the most famous Dutch stopmotioncharacter: Loeki de Leeuw. 
My mission is to create high quality animation-films, together with other talented people. I'm a real teamplayer and have an excellent feeling for animation-timing. 2D, Cut-out, CGI, pixilation or stop-motion, there are no limits...
Beside my commissioned work, I'm working on my own shortfilm ideas. From February 2020 I'm in production with the stopmotion short "In The Teeth of Time". 

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