Patrick Raats Director's Reel
Nayola, a 2D Feature (in production)
Loeki 2021, 4 sec. stopmotion clips
Mr. Sea Gullzig
"In The Teeth of Time", a Short Film in development
"Victor Vleermuis", a CGI Feature (in development)
"Hats'n caps/ Pettenpret", series 2 (10 x 6.30 min.)
"Creative New Year", papercut stopmotion
"Woezel en Pip op zoek naar de Sloddervos!", 2D Feature
"OinkOink & Friends", childrens' series (26 x 5 min.)
"Facing Life", an Animated Short (in development)
"Hats'n caps/ Pettenpret", series 1 (10 x 6.30 min.)
"Jump", bronze statue
"Baby Egg", designer toy
"Utrecht Cultural 2018 Pitch", stopmotion commercial
Loeki de Leeuw 2016
"The Tumblies", childrens' series (78 x 90 sec.)
"See, I love you...", animated Short
"Marieke", bronze statue
"Ultrakort 2014", claymation leader
"Der Lauf Der Dinge", stopmotion X-Mas Card
"Dog-e", animated Short
"Rintje", stopmotion series (26 x 5 min.)
"ClayCards", clay illustrations
"Woozle & Pip", 2D cut-out series (39 x 5 min.)
"Bolletje Kruimeldief", stopmotion commercial
"Boef", clay illustration
"Malaco Red Band", stopmotion tag-on
"Kiko & Koko", stopmotion series (50 x 8 sec.)
"Het Juridisch Loket", papercut stopmotion
"Verlaten Terrein", animated Short
"Danerolles Croissant", stopmotion commercial
"Botermannetje", clay illustration
"Mr. Bubble", designer toy
"Stegeman Leverworst", stopmotion commercial
"Vader Jacob", Sesamestreet animation
"Hema", stopmotion commercial
"Pecker", trailer for a 2 minutes animated short
"Mentos", stopmotion tag-on
"Sven", papercut illustration
"Bolletje Clay", stopmotion commercial
"Bird Birth", bronze statue
"Barbazan", stopmotion animation series (13 x 5 min.)
"KLIK! 2008", pixilation festival leader
"Lipton Clear Green", stopmotionshots for a website
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