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about me

Patrick Raats

Director & Animator

Director & Animator

I am Patrick Raats and I live in Amsterdam. I have been working in the Dutch animation film industry for over 30 years. My career started as a stop-motion animator. Loeki the Lion is the most famous character that was, and is brought to life by me.

In recent years I have contributed mainly as a director to a large number of animation productions (tv series and feature films). In 2022 I received the Dutch Directors Guild Award, as best Dutch Animation director, for the TV series “Anansi”. This award was awarded by fellow directors from the Netherlands.

In addition to my work on animated film projects, I also create sculptures. These sculptures are made of resin or bronze. To see more of this sculptures, visit

My Vision

As a director, I have developed my own signature in recent years. My focus is on visually telling stories by creating new worlds. The characters who play the
leading role in these visual narratives act through strong poses and silhouettes.

I have clear ideas about how to make the viewers feel part of the action of the film. Sets, props, characters, costumes and the lighting are important tools. The use of special camera angles is also part of my visual storytelling style. All these elements help to express my vision by generating a sense of time and space, as well as setting a mood.

I also direct characters by portraying them in a choreography so that the audience follows the actions through a natural flow. My goal is to create beautiful, inspiring and moving stories for a wide audience. With every new project I look for a special angle to take the film to a higher level. Both on a visual and storytelling level.

I work on commission on TV series and feature films. I also make independent work by telling my own stories in short films.


My sources of inspiration are very diverse: Life. Death. Emotions. Design.

These are all starting points for telling my own stories. Stories that have a rough edge.

‘Without friction there is no shine’, is one of my favorite mottos.



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